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    Top 10 things to do in Sydney this Winter!

    Credit: Nomadasaurus | by Natalia Djajic

    The amazing Vivid Festival, one of the best things to do in Sydney in winter!

    Australia is best known for its summers, and Sydney isn’t any different. The endless strip of golden beaches, hip outdoor restaurants and sprawling parks are just some of the things that have made the iconic harbour city famous.

    But just because the temperature has dropped and winter is setting in, doesn’t mean there’s nothing else to do in and around Sydney.

    The off-peak season is full of clear days, and it never gets so cold that you don’t want to head outside.

    Sydney in Winter

    Sydney is beautiful all year round, but to tourists, it might seem like there’s nothing to do during the coldest months

    Some believe that it’s too cold for the non-locals to make the most of the stunning beaches. But experiencing Sydney in wintertime has a certain charm that needs to be embraced.

    Where else could you say you got a chance to go ice skating next to one of the most famous beaches in the world? Australia really is spectacular, make the most of your Sydney holiday and enjoy the special events only available during this season.

    The days are shorter, but still, we advise you to make the most out of your time in this beautiful city! Here’s our list of some of the most amazing things to do in Sydney during winter.

    1) Attend The Vivid Sydney Light And Art Festival

    It’s one of the most captivating events in Sydney, and if you’re lucky enough to be visiting during winter you’ll be blown away with the incredible Vivid Sydney Festival!

    Happening every year for a few weeks at the end of May until mid-June, this living outdoor gallery of impressive lighting sculptures and a marvellous contemporary music program has grown a reputation as one of the world’s most creative industry forums.

    The multi-award-winning festival illuminates and accentuates the city of Sydney, with dazzling light art exhibits bringing new life to the surrounding precincts and exciting entertainment for kids and adults alike.

    A particularly amazing installation is the light show that dances across the iconic Sydney Opera House at night. There’s plenty of great spots to view this from, whether you’re down in Circular Quay or up in one of the nearby hotels.

    We had a fabulous night shooting Vivid from the balcony at Quay West Suites, the ultimate way to experience the beautiful light and art show.

    This has quickly grown into the largest festival of its kind in the world. Join the fun and listen to talks of great global thinkers and brilliant creators all across Sydney!