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    Top Sydney attractions

    By Emma Joyce Posted: Wednesday February 26 2020


    Sydney has some of the world's best attractions, including, yes, that bridge and that very pretty opera house. Whether you live in Sydney (and fancy seeing it through the eyes of a tourist) or you’re fresh off the flight, we’ve made a checklist of attractions that you shouldn’t overlook.

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    Sydney's top attractions

    1. Sydney Harbour Bridge BridgeClimb

    What is it? It's a hair-raising walk to the highest point of the fourth-longest single-span steel arch bridge in the world.

    Why go? You can see Sydney Harbour in all its majesty – including way out to the Blue Mountains. Plus you'll get fascinating insights into the bridge’s construction.

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    2. Taronga Zoo


    What is it? A not-for-profit zoo with harbourside views featuring 4,000 animals, from koalas and echidnas to giraffes and elephants.

    Why go? You're guaranteed sightings of many Australian animals, plus threatened species. They run talks and animal encounters daily – and even glamping sleepovers. 

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    3. Sydney Opera House Backstage Tour

     What is it? It’s a rare chance to explore a completely empty Opera House theatre.

    Why go? You’ll walk around the Opera House, past roped-off areas and learn all there is to know about Sydney’s famous home of art and culture. The tour goes for one hour, and there's plenty of time to take photos and revel in the beauty of this phenomenal building. 

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    4. Royal Botanic Gardens

     What is it? Thirty hectares of park, gardens and pathways wrapped around Sydney Harbour. 

    Why go? It's one of the oldest scientific and botanic institutions in Australia, and you can visit for free. The gardens also run Aboriginal tours in botany, as well as provide stunning backdrops for picnics or a run through the park. 

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    5. Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA)

    What is it? The harbourside gallery is the go-to venue for cutting-edge art on a local and international level. 

    Why go? Aside from the beautiful Art Deco exterior, the exhibitions inside often feature works by Indigenous Australian contemporary artists, as well as immersive exhibitions by global artists. It's also free to access most of the artwork. 

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    6. Bondi Beach

    What is it? One kilometres of pristine golden sand, or a state of mind, depending on your perspective.

    Why go? Sydney’s most famous beach is worth the 40-minute bus trip, but be warned you’ll be sharing the sand with thousands of tourists in summer. It’s one helluva spot to learn to surf, or sit and dream of owning one of the beachside pads. Get brekky at one of Bondi’s many cafés, browse the boutiques on Gould Street and settle in on a patch of gold with a good read and a bottle of factor 50+. 

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    7. Art Gallery of NSW

    What is it? One of Australia’s foremost cultural institutions holding significant collections of Australian, European and Asian art. 

    Why go? The gallery presents nearly 40 exhibitions annually, and it hosts workshops, talks and film screenings each week – most of which are free to access.  

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    8. Sydney HeliTours

    What is it? Your chance to feel like James Bond and to see Sydney from the skies in all its glory. 

    Why go? The cabin of the helicopter is mostly glass, so every seat gets excellent views. You'll hover over Darling Harbour before hooking out towards Goat Island to make a majestic run at the Harbour Bridge. A loop around the harbour takes in Kirribilli House, Taronga Zoo, Bradleys Head, Rose Bay, Woolloomooloo and Fort Denison, too.

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