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    Sneak Peek of VIVID Sydney 2021!

    Escape to Sydney CBD for the annual festival of lights with a luxurious stay at Fraser Suites Sydney.

    This year, VIVID Festival (6-28 August) will once again illuminate Sydney’s skyline and fill its entertainment venues with art in a range of forms.

    Stay in the heart of the excitement with special accommodation package at Fraser Suites Sydney.


    • Overnight accommodation
    • Room with a View (Views towards Darling Harbour)
    • Cocktails on Arrival
    • Secure onsite parking 
    • Free Wifi

    Enjoy a room with a view taking in the spectacular city lights whilst staying in the heart of all the festivities VIVID has to offer.

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    Where is it? Cockle Bay, Darling Harbour
    Who made it? Atelier Sisu Design Studio
    What is it? An immersive walkway of bubble-like spheres

    If you’ve ever wanted to walk on water, this year’s Vivid Sydney will have you drifting right across Cockle Bay at Darling Harbour. Immersive ‘art-chitecture’ piece Ephemeral will see an ensemble of 200 bubble-like spheres create a floating walkway over the water with larger-than-life bubble structures almost two-storeys high towering overhead.

    Lit up from within, the iridescent bubbles change colour throughout the night and are choregraphed to a reactive soundscape, illuminating across the surface of the water to create a sight never seen before (in fact, Vivid Sydney will be Ephemeral’s world premiere). By day, the spectacle continues —the bubbles in Ephemeral are made from a plastic with a colour-reflecting dichroic film that reacts to the changing light of the sun as it moves across the sky, causing a rainbow of reflection on the water and a unique picture from every angle.

    This vibrant light and sound artwork is the latest creation of Atelier Sisu, a Sydney-based design studio driven by artists Renzo B. Larriviere and Zara Pasfield. Aiming to connect audiences with their environment, Atelier Sisu have put the transient qualities of a bubble on show, leaving the viewer to ponder impermanence and the ever-changing human experience.

    Point of View

    Where is it? Corner Playfair Place + George Street, The Rocks
    Who made it? Artist Brad Robson + Esem Projects
    What is it? A painterly projection of an artist at work

    This ghostly projection gives us an insight into an artist at work. Projected onto an historic sandstone façade in George Street, the virtual canvas reveals the artist applying dynamic and colourful brushstrokes, working and applying until a striking portrait appears.

    Each fluid stroke is illuminated with projection technology and as we watch, the portraits move through different faces of Sydneysiders, past and present – some well-known, some more obscure. The projection is always in motion, moving through the process of painting until distinct features of the subject appear, just as the artist paints himself ‘out’ of the picture, literally.

    Created by painter Brad Robson in collaboration with Esem Projects, this artwork draws the audience in to the process of painting and plays with multiple viewpoints, of the artist, audience and the portrait subject. Originally from Sydney, Robson is a bold muralist in the contemporary scene and his expressive works hang in galleries across the world and adorn multi-story buildings in Berlin, Los Angeles, New York and Barcelona. Robson really is one to watch.


    Where is it? Customs House
    Who made it? Ho Sheung Ning
    What is it? 3D projection mapping animation

    This Vivid festival, the iconic façade of Customs House will be swathed in the pop hues of animator and illustrator, Ho Sheung Ning. The 3D animated tale tells the story of a mischievous thief, rising through the artwork to greatness: changing form with each new power the creature harnesses.

    Watch the metamorphosis of the climbing thief and the mind-bending environments, right up until the climax of a monumental battle with a magical creature. In this exploration of tenacity, power and change – will the thief’s newfound powers give him domination or bring about his downfall?

    The artist telling the story, Ho Sheung Ning, known as Shirley Ho, is driven by curiosity and challenge. She specializes in animation, visual effects and videography and is part of the stellar creative team at Treacle in Hong Kong, working on a variety of projects around the world. She has created content and effects for The Voice, Australia; been a character animator for BBC and assistant director for the Calvin Klein Asia campaign and more.