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    Ephemeral | Vivid Sydney

    Atelier Sisu: Zara Pasfield and Renzo B.Larriviere Joseph Burgess (Composer) Latarka: Victor Mrowka (Lighting Animator) Technical Movements: Johnnie Marm (Technical Consultant)

    Sydney-based design studio Atelier Sisu works at the intersection of art and architecture creating large-scale site-specific works that enchant by reinventing places. For Ephemeral's world premiere, they have scattered over 200 larger-than-life illuminated spheres across Cockle Bay, complete with a floating boardwalk, transforming Darling Harbour into a giant bubble bath. Euphoria truly is contagious. You’ll feel like you’re walking on water, buoyed up by joy, as you weave through Ephemeral.

    Lit up from within, the iridescent bubbles change colour throughout the night. Choreographed to a reactive soundscape, they illuminate the surface of the water to create a sight never seen before. By day, the spectacle continues —the bubbles in Ephemeral are made from a transparent material with a colour-reflecting dichroic film that reacts to the changing light of the sun as it moves across the sky, causing a rainbow of reflection on the water and a unique picture from every angle.

    This unmissable ‘art-chitecture’ connects audiences with their environment and is designed to be truly inclusive. By emulating the ethereal quality and magic of bubbles, Atelier Sisu’s Ephemeral appeals to our universal playfulness and childlike wonder, leaving us to ponder impermanence and the ever-changing human experience.