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    8 unique date ideas for a romantic outing in Sydney

    Movies? Been there. Candlelit dinner? Done that. When it comes to spending a romantic night out in Sydney, sometimes the same old boring ideas just don’t cut it. From breaking the ice on nervous first dates to mixing things up with your long term partner, it’s time to think outside the box and try an activity you and your significant other (or future significant other) will truly remember. 

    Get the creative juices flowing at a boozy art class

    You don’t need a single creative bone in your body to enjoy a boozy art class – in fact, it only makes it more fun. Cork and Canvas, Cork and Chroma and Brush and Sip are just some of the venues around town offering relaxed art classes where everyday people gather to laugh over a few drinks and an attempt at something artistic. The teacher will guide you through a specific painting and you’ll be able to take home your new masterpiece at the end. Trust us, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the end result!

    Test your roleplaying skills at Underground Cinema 

    Step up your regular pilgrimage to the movies with Underground Cinema, an interactive experience like no other. Guests are invited to a secret location with no further information beyond an instruction to dress up to a specific theme. Actors mingle with attendees to create a live experience based on the theme of an undisclosed film that guests can try to identify before it’s screened at the end of the night. Don’t just watch a movie – live it!

    Release your inner child at a trampoline park

    Do you ever miss the innocence of childhood? You’ll be literally bouncing off the walls at one of the many trampoline parks around Sydney – Sky Zone and Flip Out to name a couple – where the most serious of fully grown adults instantly transform into giggling toddlers as they spring around a field of springy, padded goodness. Just be sure you and your date don’t push the limits too far lest this memorable date turn into two weeks on crutches.

    Embrace mystery dining with a Secret Foodies dinner party

    If you’re an adventurous foodie that wants something different that isn’t too far out of your physical comfort zone, Secret Foodies is for you. The team behind mystery dining hosts a number of secret events throughout the year where attendees are kept in the dark until the location is sent via text on the day. It’s a fantastic place to bring someone if you don’t want the pressure of a one on one date: you’ll meet new people, explore new places and discover exciting flavours.

    Go full Viking with an axe throwing session

    You heard us. What could be more romantic than furiously launching dangerous weapons of war at a wooden target? Maniax and Throw Axe in Sydney offer everything from standard sessions to couples’ tournaments to medieval munchies, making for a truly extraordinary activity with that special someone. It’s a lot safer than it sounds, with a team of seasoned axe throwers and protective measures ensuring everyone leaves with all their limbs attached.

    Travel through time on a tall ships harbour cruise

    If ancient weaponry is off the table, how about a journey back through time? Sydney Harbour Tall Ships take catered harbour cruises to the next level with a fleet of beautifully crafted timber vessels that would look at home on the set of Pirates of the Caribbean. Champagne brunches, twilight dinners and starlight sails are all available on these authentic ships steeped in the history of Sydney Harbour. Excellent views are the cherry on top.

    Fish for compliments at the Sydney Seafood School

    Whether you and your date are pretty handy in the kitchen or you haven’t quite mastered the fruits of the ocean beyond frozen fish fingers, any seafood lover will adore the classes offered at the famous Sydney Fish Market. Learn to handle, fillet, slice, cut, crumb, cook and perfect a variety of fresh seafood with numerous chefs on hand to ensure you stay on the right track. At the end, enjoy your meal with some complimentary wine – everything at Sydney Seafood School is sourced fresh from the market, so you’ll be blown away by the flavours. 

    Kick some putt at a mini golf bar 

    Taking your date to a boring, family-friendly mini golf park? Tacky. Bringing them to a retro inner-city mini golf club with a bar, drinks carts and scrumptious eats? Now we’re talking. Holey Moley has well and truly made mini golf an adult pastime with insane interior design, themed holes, a mighty fine cocktail menu and gourmet bites all ticking the box for late night couples fun. There’s one in Newtown and another in Darlinghurst, just be sure to book in advance as both are in high demand.