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    Regent Place: A Hive Of Authentic Restaurants, Eateries And Bars A Stone’s Throw From Fraser Suites Sydney

    When admiring the sprawling skyline of Sydney CBD, Regent Place doesn’t exactly stand out. The plain, unassuming exterior is inoffensive, but it doesn’t tend to convey anything beyond a stack of residential spaces with balconies that you would imagine boast enviable views. Indeed, you’d be forgiven for walking straight past it without a backward glance if not for the brightly coloured signs on George St. But don’t let the facade fool you, as it belies the many culinary treasures hidden within.


    Step inside Regent Place and you’ll quickly lose yourself in an abundance of paper lamps, lattice windows, street art and other colourful decor. The upper floors provide access to a variety of fashion retailers, beauty parlours and one-stop medical services, but the lower floors is where you’ll be able to satisfy your hunger and general craving for a quality meal. Whether you’re heading to the George Street cinema, hitting the bars of Sydney, halfway through a shopping spree or simply looking for a delicious feed, duck into Regent Place and enjoy numerous opportunities to enjoy authentic eats. Just be warned: after making your choice, you’ll likely want to return to try out the rest.


    With the shopping centre open until late every night and a neighbour to Fraser Suites Sydney, it’s a must-add to your Sydney itinerary, no matter the length of your stay. To help you decide where to grab a table, here are our picks for the best restaurants and eateries to try at Regent Place.


    Tenkomori Ramen House

    Ramen, ramen, ramen. Few dishes have captured the attention of Australian gastrophiles in the past decade as much as this iconic Japanese dish. Ramen has long been favoured Down Under, but an explosion of popularity in recent years has seen countless shops compete for the affection of hungry Aussies. When it comes to authentic ramen in Sydney, look no further than Tenkomori Ramen House at Regent Place.


    With three types of broth available with every ramen dish -- shoyu, miso and tonkotsu --

    there’s a bowl to suit the fussiest of taste buds. When you add optional extras like bamboo, egg, pickled mustard green, karaage chicken and tofu to the already extensive menu, there’s a near infinite number of different ramen combinations to try that’ll tempt you to return again and again. Several dishes come with a choice of hot or cold ramen, and there are plenty of options with or without noodles to suit your craving. Chilli heads will be in heaven as they choose from a number of bowls packing a real punch, while everyone else will have plenty of mild dishes to enjoy.


    The ramen alone is enough to get you salivating, but let the bustling kitchen and fast-paced movement of customers truly immerse you in what is one of the favoured authentic ramen joints in Sydney.


    Yebisu Yakitori

    With more than 100 dishes on its extensive menu and a generous supply of sake and shochu, Yebisu Yakitori is the perfect place to cure your hunger with an abundance of Japanese cuisine. In contrast to a pricier establishment offering a small selection of dishes served with surgical precision, this tried-and-tested eatery boasts an enormous offering with a consistent, unpretentious standard that truly hits the spot.


    It’s ideal for group outings, with plenty of share plates and an easy iPad ordering system that skips the awkward task of communicating eight orders at once to the busy waitstaff. Adventurous diners can sample dishes like dried skate fin, while there are plenty of safer options for those who wish to stick to what they know. The sake trolley that snakes between the tables is almost too convenient and makes it easy to create a genuinely communal, celebratory dining experience in a buzzing atmosphere.


    Before you leave, be sure to leave room for dessert! Try the matcha tiramisu or matcha cheesecake for a refreshing closer after wolfing down a bellyful of sushi. With Asahi beer on tap, a forest of paper lanterns overhead and exceptional decor designed to replicate the bustling streets of Japan’s urban centres, Yebisu Yakitori transports you to faraway shores


    Senyai Thai

    Another addition to Regent Place’s abundance of authentic Asian cuisine is Senyai, a charming Thai restaurant tucked into the bowels of the building that, like Yebisu Yakitori, has a way of transporting you away from the streets of Sydney. Firstly, the decor doesn’t just look authentic -- it’s literally made from materials once used in a traditional teak house in Samut Songkhram near Bangkok, which was deconstructed and shipped to Sydney to bring Senyai to life.


    Those who’ve dined at a more traditional Thai eatery will find familiarity in the menu, with plenty of authentic dishes served between walls adorned with royal portraits, pop culture posters and plenty of other hangings that’ll make you feel like you’re dining in a steamy alley of Bangkok. The restaurant is the brainchild of the folks upstairs at Assembly Bar, and offers an experience far different to the modern Thai restaurants you’ll find dotted around the suburbs of Sydney.


    Assembly Bar

    It would be unfair to mention Assembly Bar without dedicating a couple of paragraphs to the venue, which isn’t easy to stumble across if you don’t already know where it is. Unlike the big-name bars sitting in plain sight on Sydney’s busiest street corners, Assembly relies less on shoving itself in your face and more on its unique aesthetic, comforting atmosphere and dizzying selection of drinks to keep locals and tourists returning night after night.


    Assembly’s team of top-notch bartenders is complemented by a clever dumb waiter system that carries beverages to thirsty clientele waiting on the mezzanine floor bathed in candlelight. The main room of the bar is characterised by an industrial-chic aesthetic that combines with vintage leather couches and recycled wooden pallets to create an environment that’s warm and inviting, not cold and uninspiring. An ‘outdoor’ area with AstroTurf, faux greenery and fairy lights does more than enough to make up for the bar’s indoor location, making Assembly an excellent stop for authentic cocktails, quality bar staples and a selection of exceptional Australian beer and wine.


    Chefs Gallery

    Among the most highly rated restaurants in Regent Place is also one of the most expensive, but for good reason. Chefs Gallery is one of the most well-regarded Chinese restaurants in all of Sydney, offering a combination of traditional masterpieces and modern twists that always please. It won’t take much to convince you of Chefs Gallery’s authenticity: shamelessly stroll up to the glass offering a view into the kitchen -- a literal gallery of chefs -- and see the restaurant’s team of seasoned cooks go about their business. Any feeling of embarrassment will be quickly replaced by awe as you witness the ancient art of noodle-making unfold before your eyes.


    Once you drag yourself away from the gallery and take a seat in this institution of Sydney. The menu contains a veritable explosion of textures, colours and flavours just waiting to be sampled, and follows the Chinese tradition of casual, unstructured meals with no clearly defined entrees or main courses. Best enjoyed with family and friends, try to fit in as many different dishes as possible to get the full taste of this wonderful restaurant. Don’t forget to try the famous handmade noodles, whether it be in its classic form or new, more adventurous flavours like squid ink and spinach.


    Uncle Tetsu’s

    Before you make any assumptions, Uncle Tetsu is no ordinary cheesecake shop. The colourful facade near the entrance to Regent Place is just one of several branches around the world owned by Japanese restaurateur Tetsushi Mizokami, who has been baking since he was five years old. Founded in Fukuoka, Japan in 1985, Uncle Tetsu Cheesecakes has been serving delectable desserts ever since. The restaurant’s iconic cheesecake combines lightness of French soufflés with the richness of American cheesecakes, creating a balanced, cloud-like dessert with a far more unique character than those you’ll find in the supermarket.


    Aside from being absurdly delicious and wonderfully textured, these cheesecakes are made with 100% Australian milk, butter and cream, ensuring you are supporting local producers and doing your taste buds a favour at the same time. If the cheesecake isn’t doing it for you — although we’re sure it will — try their delicious tarts or madeleines. You can’t really go wrong at Uncle Tetsu’s, so make sure you leave plenty of room when grabbing dinner at one of the aforementioned restaurants. Be sure to silently thank Tetsu-san as you polish off the last of your dessert, even if he’s not there to accept it in person!


    Oh! Matcha

    For something a little off-beat to try after gorging yourself at one of the bars or eateries above, head to Oh! Matcha and enjoy the perfect end to the night. Whether you’ve never tried any matcha-based products or are already in love with its distinct green hue, this Japanese-style café serves a range of hot and cold beverages and desserts made with tea leaves harvested all the way in Shizuoka, a city renowned for its historical and cultural connection to green tea.


    Matcha has traditionally been associated with boosting energy and endurance, building immunity, skin care and calming effects, but the taste of Oh! Matcha’s drinks and desserts alone is enough to make it a popular haunt. Try matcha-infused classics like the latte, iced chocolate and soft serve or go all out with one of their creative and wonderfully flamboyant desserts. That’s if you haven’t already filled up on sweet treats at Uncle Tetsu’s — but who are we kidding, there’s always room for more.


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