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    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Musical Now Showing at the Iconic Capitol Theatre

    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Musical Now Showing at the Iconic Capitol Theatre

    Come with me

    And you'll be

    In a world of pure imagination

    Take a look and you'll see

    Into your imagination

    Few words conjure a sense of pure wonder and childhood nostalgia quite like the whimsical, melodic musings of Willy Wonka as he guides Charlie Bucket through the fantastical Chocolate Factory. Roald Dahl’s iconic narrative is adored by children and adults alike for its Academy Award-nominated score and captivating characters, each with their own role to play in a sequence of hilarious and thought-provoking events that make this one of the most popular tales in recent history.

    Well, if you’re a fan of the original book, the 1971 film or the 2005 remake, are looking for a family activity, or simply can’t resist seeing a stage show, we have good news for you: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: The New Musicalis now showing at Sydney’s Capitol Theatre.

    Complete with songs from the original film -- think Pure Imagination, I’ve Got a Golden Ticket and The Candy Man -- and a host of other earworms in a brand-new score, this show will have you whistling catchy musical numbers for weeks to come. Combine toe-tapping tunes with the delicious tale of sweet-toothed adventure and it promises to be nothing short of a magnificent affair for all ages.

    Where and when, plus other important details

    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: The New Musical is now showing at the heritage-listed Capitol Theatre, with the last show on the 23rd of June. You’ll find this famous venue at 3-15 Campbell Street, Haymarket, just a seven-minute walk from Fraser Suites Sydney’s five-star serviced apartments and luxury penthouse suites.

    The show runs for approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes, including an interval in the middle. It’s been rated suitable for ages 6+ and will be showing through the school holidays, but be quick: it’s likely to book out in the blink of an eye.

    What is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: The New Musical about?

    Those who haven’t had the pleasure of reading the iconic children’s novel or seeing the subsequent film adaptations, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory tells the story of Charlie Bucket, a poor boy living with his family in a small, humble dwelling in a nameless industrial city. A point of fascination for Charlie is the Wonka Candy Company, which operates a mysterious factory that’s been closed to the public after all its employees were fired, including Charlie’s grandfather. When Willy Wonka, the company’s owner, announces five Golden Tickets have been hidden in Wonka bars and those who find one will receive a private tour of the factory (plus a lifetime supply of chocolate), the world plunges into hysteria as sweet-toothed fans hunt the elusive tickets.

    Against the odds, Charlie finds a ticket and embarks on the tour with the four other winners. The eccentric, bubbly and somewhat mysterious Wonka takes the gleeful tour group through the dream-like factory, only for each member to succumb to temptation, break the tour rules and gorge on various forms of candy -- all except for Charlie. Wonka’s team of Oompa-Loompas -- a strange team of short, orange men with green hair and identical costumes -- sing songs of morality throughout the journey until a twist at the end reveals there is more to Wonka than meets the eye.

    The story combines fantasy, music and comedy to teach an important lesson about acceptance and the value of family. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: The New Musical brings this to life on the stage, comprising spectacular, fanciful scenes layered with poignant advice everyone can relate to.

    Who is starring in the musical?

    With the likes of Gene Wilder and Johnny Depp having portrayed the famous Willy Wonka, it’s no surprise audiences are curious to see who is donning the top hat for the musical playing at the Capitol Theatre. In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: The New Musical, Willy Wonka is portrayed by none other than Paul Slade Smith, whose resume includes performances for the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Broadway company along with Finding Neverland, My Fair Lady, Phantom of the Opera and Wicked. Judging by the reviews of this musical, Smith’s performance as Wonka is one you won’t want to miss.

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